Abby and Friends ATI Adventure

Many countries around the world are now putting in place Access to Information or Freedom of Information Laws. These laws give members of the public the right to
access documents that are within government Ministries, Departments and Agencies. These laws are put in place as part of the effort to hold Government accountable, to
build transparency and get members of the public more involved in national decision-making.

Jamaica’s Parliament passed the ATI Act in 2002, and it began to operate in 2004. Since then, the law has been widely used by advocacy groups, members of the media,
and private citizens to seek information from Government for various purposes. The Government is now seeking to build awareness of access to information among the
youth population as a means of encouraging young persons to get more engaged in the process of bringing about national transformation.

Abby and Friends ATI Adventure highlights the journey of a group of friends as they seek to use the ATI Law to finish a school-related project. Through this publication, it is hoped that you will join Abby and her friends on this exciting adventure, and in the process, gain a wealth of knowledge about the ATI Act.

The activities section of the book and frequently asked questions at the back will also enhance your experience and test you on how much you have learnt.
Information is power, and it is also our hope that the exploits of Abby and her friends and the various exercises in this book, will inspire you to use the Access to Information Law
to empower yourself and help to promote transparency, accountability and integrity. 

Have a great Abby and Friends Adventure!